creative ideas for home retreat spa hearth and home pool center maple shade

As you are at home a lot these days, you may be finding yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands that you simply don’t know what to do with. In fact, this extra time could be causing you anxiety and stress, especially if you have been furloughed. Instead of spending each day in worry, you could make the most of your time at home by making your home into a retreat.

Spa Hearth and Home Pool Center in Maple Shade offers the best spas, hot tubs, outdoor patio furniture, pools, swim spa, fireplaces, and stoves. We have all of the essentials you could need to turn your home into an oasis that you enjoy spending time in. In our last blog post, we discussed ways to turn your home into a mini-oasis. In this blog post, we’ll take that idea even further and offer up creative ideas for you to personalize your home retreat even more. Visit our hot tub store online today!


Add In Plant Life

There are many benefits to having greenery in your home, or next to your home spa or outdoor patio furniture. Plants, in fact, have been shown to boost your productivity, improve your mood, help you reduce stress, and help you to concentrate. They also clean your indoor air by absorbing pollutants and carbon dioxide and adding in fresh oxygen to your environment. The color green, as the color of nature, helps you relax and can reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, plants are just cool, as they come in so many different varieties that you can create uniqueness with every one.

Invest in Scents

Scents as well are great for our health and well-being. Aromatherapy can help reduce stress. In particular, rosemary can increase alertness and improve memory. Many people love the smell of fresh brewed coffee and the fact that coffee can help to wake you up and give you a jolt of energy. Jasmine can help to improve your mood and give you energy, and citrus scents help to increase your alertness. And some of our favorite holiday scents, such as peppermint and cinnamon, are great for helping with memory. Add in great scents to your outdoor patio furniture today.

Invest in Light

There’s something about light that makes you feel safe from the bad things in this world that can harm you. When you have great lighting, such as a lamp on your desk, or you invest in outdoor lighting by your home spa or pool, you will feel more alive, invigorated, and ready to conquer the world. By lighting candles next to your outdoor patio furniture or your hot tub, you’ll feel more relaxed and soothed as you watch the flames flicker.


We hope these ideas have helped give you activities to do when you are stuck at home. By investing in your space, you will gain many health benefits that enrich your life and are truly priceless. Shop our hot tub store today!