So, you’ve read the title of our blog post, and you’re probably thinking this: “But Spa Hearth & Home, it’s only barely the start of the fall season. Technically, summer was only a week ago. Should I really be thinking about preparing for the coming colder weather and what I can do to help make me and my family more comfortable?” 

As your trusted source for name-brand indoor and outdoor fireplaces in South Jersey, yes, we are here to say that preparing for winter’s arrival ahead of time is, indeed, a smart move. If you’ve ever camped outdoors or spent time somewhere that’s cold (i.e. here during the winter!), you’ve almost certainly enjoyed the warmth and magic that can only come from a fireplace. Well, it’s time to get one installed or added to your South Jersey home! 

In today’s blog post, Spa Hearth & Home presents some of the positive effects that accompany going to your computer, typing in “fireplace store near me,” selecting us, and enjoying a brand new fireplace at home. 

Winter’s On the Way: Why Invest In a New Fireplace? 

Spending Time Outdoors Is More Enjoyable (Or Bearable)

Baby, it’s cold outside. You might be able to bundle up in your down jacket, gloves, and booties to brave the cold winter and even late-fall temperatures, but you won’t need as much insulating outerwear should you choose to invest in an outdoor fireplace. Even an indoor fireplace will help you weather the snowstorm, completely toasty and comfortable, in nothing but a Tommy Bahama t-shirt and athletic shorts. 

Your comfy indoor clothes may not bring the warm weather back, but you can enjoy a warm home or a significantly-less-cold backyard with the help of a fireplace. 

You’ll Have More Family Bonding Opportunities

Much in the same way that investing in a hot tub or Bullfrog home spa presents a great opportunity for family bonding, fireplaces naturally draw people together. Whether it’s a family night and you’re making a lovely stew in the slow cooker or you’re having your old college buddies over for a night of fun and shenanigans, there’s just something special about a cracking, roaring fire that’s not only mesmerizing, but equally as compelling. 

Think of it this way: a fireplace is a great practical and emotional well-being-type investment for you and the family. 

It’s Easy 

Having a fireplace professionally installed inside of your South Jersey home isn’t as inconvenient or difficult as you might think. Sure, it’ll take longer than an hour, but you might be surprised at how minimal your living space downtime is during a professional fireplace installation. 

As far as outdoor fireplaces go, it’s even easier to get your new fireplace up and running (or burning) by simply having a dedicated space for it. In a matter of days or even less time, you’ll have a new outdoor fireplace that’s ready to rock and roar. 

You’ll Have a Cost-Effective Alternative to Central Heat

Central heat is rather costly to run during the chilly months, especially in the dead of winter when the temperatures near zero degrees. Though the rest of your home might be a little colder, you can always save money and bundle up while cranking up the fireplace to stay toasty. You can even run a fan near your fireplace to help direct warm air throughout your house. 

You Can Roast S’mores, Wieners, or Anything Else!

Nothing tastes quite as good as something toasted over a campfire. Admit it — it’s true. And while you’re probably not accessing your indoor fireplace to roast marshmallows, wieners, and other roastable-friendly foods, an outdoor fireplace offers the perfect opportunity to show your friends and family just how good of a s’more you can really make. 

Your s’mores might even turn out so perfectly that your loved ones and neighbors can’t get enough of them. Make sure to stock up on extra supplies, because they’ll probably be back for s’more. 

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