Determining all of the reasons why you should own a home spa is pretty easy. Increased blood flow, comfort, relaxation, entertainment, self-care, and personal luxury are just a few of the reasons that more people than ever are purchasing home spas.


At Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center in Maple Shade, we work every day with local folks who know all of the reasons that they want to own their own home spa, but they are not entirely certain what the reasons might be to choose one brand over another.


Our associates are knowledgeable and well-educated about all of the quality home spa brands and models that we carry, and we’ll help determine what features, functions, and budget are most important to you in order to help you find the perfect home spa.


In today’s blog, we’re here to teach you about the benefits of and make the case for purchasing a Bullfrog home spa. If you already know what you’re looking for, stop by, or contact us online to get your order started.

Personalized Comfort And Relaxation

Each and every home spa manufacturer brings their own perks and unique benefits to the table, but when it comes to ultimate personalization and comfort, there isn’t a brand out there that can come close to offering what Bullfrog can with their JetPak Therapy System®.


The JetPak Therapy System® is available on almost every Bullfrog home spa and allows you to experience the apex of personalized water jets and relaxation offered in a home spa system. The JetPak Therapy System® is actually a collection of interchangeable jetted spa seats. Each provides unique jet configurations and massage patterns, and each can be placed in any seat of your home spa.

Comfort For All Body Sizes

With the versatility of the JetPak Therapy System® from Bullfrog, you can be confident in finding comfort no matter how tall, short, narrow, or wide your body size is. The 16 different options allow for a delightfully relaxing option for virtually everyone. If you are someone who has a large family who will use your home spa or you do a lot of entertaining, then the diversity of the JetPak Therapy System® is perfect for you.

Experience the benefits of hydrotherapy


No More Musical Chairs

Anyone who has ever owned a home spa or had a close friend who did knows that there is almost always a “best,” or “favorite” seat. The explanation is simple. One of the seats in that home spa had an arrangement of jets that fit you well or hit just the right spots.


With JetPak’s options, you’ll never have to worry about coming back to a usurped seat or altered jet strength, because everyone can choose the ideal jet pattern for them right from the start.

JetPak Therapy For Any Ache or Pain

While most home spa owners don’t have many complaints about their home spas, one small frustration that we hear from time to time is that although their home spa is comfortable and relaxing, it can’t really get at their areas of soreness, stiffness, and pain because there is no way to adjust the placement of the jets.


With the JetPak Therapy System® from Bullfrog Spas, you can customize every seat in your home spa to meet your needs that day. If the aches and pains change tomorrow, then there is JetPak option for that one, too.

A Reputation of Reliability

The most relaxing and comfortable home spa in the world isn’t a whole lot of good to you if it doesn’t last very long. Sadly, one of the most common failings of many popular spa manufacturers is their reliance on wood and metal frames. These materials, while cost-effective, are prone to warping, rotting, and rusting, causing many home spas to become unusable within only a few years.


Bullfrog Spas are constructed using our patented EnduraFrame support structure and molded ABS frame, so you can expect a Bullfrog Spa to last 15 years or longer!

Cost Value

Bullfrog Spas aren’t just built with comfort and durability in mind, they’re also crafted with an eye to the future and your energy bills. Bullfrog Spas have been designed using as much as 90% less plumbing than other leading spa brands. This reduction in materials can save you money on our initial price tag as well as ongoing saving month over month, as BullFrog Spa can use as much as 25% less energy than other contemporary models.

Buy Your Bullfrog Spa from Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center in Maple Shade

If these three reasons have convinced you that a Bullfrog Spa home spa with the JetPak Therapy System® is right for you, then the only decision left to make is where to buy your new home spa. Spa Hearth & Home in Maple Shade is an authorized Bullfrog Spa dealer, and we carry a wide selection of in-stock models and additional options. Get the very best in home spa quality and customer service when you make your spa purchase with us. We look forward to helping you.