If there’s one thing Americans love during the summer, it’s a good ol’ fashioned cookout. A cookout includes many different things, so it’s not necessarily fair to call it “one thing,” but we’re confident that a backyard BBQ offers something for everyone. 

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, there’s really no better time to invite your friends and family, make some excellent dishes, fill the cooler with refreshing beverages, and fire up the grill. Soon, the days will be short, dark, and cold…so we encourage you to get out there and make the most of your time this weekend! 

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In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at a few fun and easy-to-setup backyard games to supplement your summer cookout ensemble. 

Enjoy The Rest Of Summer With Yard Games

Giant Jenga

There’s nothing quite like the tension and excitement that comes with taking out a Jenga brick that might send the entire stack toppling over. Jenga is fun in its own right, but Giant Jenga takes things to a whole new, life-sized level. All you need is the basic Giant Jenga set and…well, you’re set!

Just make sure to keep your Bullfrog hot tub cover on if you’re playing Giant Jenga in the same area — and keep the bricks away from the grilling area, too. 

Ladderball Toss

Ladderball toss is a fun and inexpensive backyard game. It’s suitable for everyone from children to senior citizens, and it’s also great because scoring points is often quite satisfying. 

Each team has a short, plastic ladder with three different levels. The ladders are spaced out a good distance so that each team member can throw a piece of rope with two golf balls attached to the end. The point is to try and hook the rope/golf balls onto one of the ladder levels. 

Make sure that the family dog or any little children aren’t running by as each person throws their golf ball-ropes, though. 

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Cornhole (Bean Bag Toss)

People simply love their cornhole, and that’s largely because cornhole is simple, fun, and surprisingly addicting. Buying a decent cornhole set won’t cost you too much money, either, and you can even create your own wooden platforms and cut a hole in them about the size of an average bean bag. 

You can play either 1v1 or in teams of two, and each person takes a turn tossing their beanbags underhand-style onto the wooden platform or, ideally, into the hole. Three points are awarded for making it into the hole, and one point is awarded for getting the beanbag on the surface. 

What’s tricky is that one person and the opposing team member each take turns tossing their bean bags until there are none left. This means that you can knock the other person’s beanbags off of the platform, or negate the points that they’ve scored. Things can get heated.


Spikeball has grown in popularity in the past few years, not unlike its cousin, Pickleball. Some people describe Spikeball as a unique combination of volleyball and foursquare, and we’d say that’s fairly accurate. Played in teams of two, you and your teammate have up to three touches to try and “spike” the ball onto the net and return it to the opposing team. 

Spikeball is great because there are no true boundaries and players can rotate around the center net as they please, making it a decent workout. 

Enjoy The Rest Of Summer With Great Outdoor Furniture and a Bullfrog Home Spa!

At Spa Hearth & Home, we truly believe that the backyard is a place where you, your family, and your friends should spend ample time socializing, connecting, and even enjoying the great outdoors — especially when it’s still nice outside! 

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