It’s not the 4th of July without a celebration, and it’s not a proper celebration without a pool and a hot spa. There’s something about the warm, inviting qualities of a hot tub that people are naturally drawn to. Cooling off on a hot day at the pool also has its merits, but soaking it up in the tub just feels rewarding once the sun is down. 

As your go-to Bullfrog home spa dealer and source for outdoor furniture in South Jersey, Spa Hearth & Home proudly presents the best ways to throw a fun 4th of July shindig. 

Hosting A Great 4th Of July Party

Include Yard Games

It’s not a backyard Independence Day celebration without yard games. While some guests may be hanging out soaking in your hot tub or taking advantage of your outdoor furniture, others may seek to satisfy their need for friendly competition with yard games. 

Yard games like cornhole (bean bag toss), Spikeball, ladder toss, and others are sure to keep many of your guests entertained. 

Fun Lighting Goes A Long Way

Hosting your party during the late afternoon is a great way to let the sun light up part of your party, and then when the sun starts to set, you can turn on your elegant string of backyard lights. This helps keep your guests outside longer because they’ll be able to see in the dark. Plus, a string of backyard lights is simply charming. 

Keep It Cool 

No one enjoys profusely sweating while socializing. If you have a pool in your backyard, that’s great, but if not, do your best to provide shade outdoors. Our selection of outdoor umbrellas at Spa Hearth & Home should do you quite nicely. 

Experience the benefits of hydrotherapy

Tiki Torches

Mosquitos and other insect vermin can really put a damper on your backyard party. No one wants to be eaten alive, and they probably don’t want to douse themselves in bug spray with harmful chemicals like DEET. 

Tiki torches add a tasteful and practical addition to your backyard ambiance. They’ll keep the bugs at bay, and your guests will remark at how nice the torches look. If you’re hosting a family-friendly get-together, just make sure the little ones don’t get near the flames. 

Stock Plenty Of Great Snacks

If there’s any reason to leave the comfort and familiarity of your own home to socialize with other people, it’s the food. You don’t have to leave out a gourmet feast for your guests, but a nice selection of chips, dip, a veggie platter, and other party snacks are something that you’ll want to stock your party with. Ordering pizza is, of course, always appreciated by party guests. 

Family-Friendly vs Adults-Only

Before you host, you’ll want to make sure to determine whether your party is more adult-oriented versus a space that’s appropriate for all ages. Should you and your guests drink to excess, we encourage you to limit your party to those of age and have parents get a babysitter for the night. 

Don’t Overdo The Libations

It’s true that sipping on a Corona is quite enjoyable in a hot tub. In fact, it may just be the pinnacle of relaxation. But what’s also true is that hot tubs and alcohol don’t mix very well. 

While it’s absolutely possible to safely enjoy a few drinks and a soak in the tub at the same time, make sure that you and your guests are aware of the potential dehydration, dizziness, and heat exhaustion that accompany this combination. Spa Hearth & Home does not condone drinking and hot tubbing. 

Make Sure That Your Guests Get Home Safely

Independence Day is a D.U.I. hotspot. With convenient rideshare applications like Lyft and Uber, there’s really no excuse to get behind the wheel after drinking. Please take this matter very seriously with your guests, and even encourage to pay for their sober ride home. Stock your party with plenty of drinking water and consider setting out a space for your guests to spend the night, if necessary. 

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