Though it’s not quite summer yet, we’re getting pretty close to what many consider to be the best time of the year. The snowy days of winter are finally behind us, and spring is slowly but surely making its exit. Long summer days filled with fun and relaxation are imminent and we’re ready to embrace the next few months.

Prepare For Summer With Your South Jersey Bullfrog Home Spa Dealers

Are you ready for summer? Maybe your backyard needs a little TLC. Beyond yardwork, perhaps it’s time to pull the trigger on that outdoor furniture or hot tub purchase that you’ve been thinking about for a while. There’s no better time of year to invest in your home’s outdoor living space, and Spa Hearth & Home is ready to help you find the best patio furniture and Bullfrog home spa solutions for your needs.

Here are a few great ways to help welcome the start of summer once the spring rains finally die down.

Kicking Off The Start Of Summer

Switch Out Your Wardrobe

If you haven’t already, now is the time to store your winter boots, thick socks, and jackets. You don’t want to rifle through your heavy clothing just to get to your lighter shirts, shorts, and sandals. Take advantage of this reorganization opportunity and turn it into a day of dedicated late spring cleaning. You’ll feel great knowing that everything is clean, organized, and ready for the warm weather to come.

Assess Your Swimsuit Situation

It’s been several months since you’ve last put on your swimsuit, probably since September of last year. Though we’re a few months out of winter, you’ll want to make sure that your trunks still fit you as well as they did last year. Try them on now to find out if they still fit. If not, now you have some extra time to buy another pair or try and slim down a bit before the prime of summer arrives.

Stock Up On Sunscreen

Warmer days mean hot sun. Hot sun means that your body will be exposed to harsh UV rays. Make sure that you and the family protect yourselves with true sunblock — the kind that you rub onto your skin, not the spray-on sunscreen. Rub-on sunscreen lasts longer, is water-resistant, and does a much better job at preventing sunburn.

Plan An Exciting Trip

If you don’t have vacation or road trip plans for the summer, make sure to schedule them soon before it’s too late. Though we’re advocates for rest and relaxation at home thanks to our selection of outdoor furniture and Bullfrog home spas for sale, we also love a little adventure outside of the home. After all, it’s what makes finally getting back home so rewarding.

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