If you own your house, we’re guessing that you’re proud of it — at least, we hope so! Your house should be your home, a sanctuary and a place of peace, tranquility, and rest from the busy outside world. For many homeowners here in New Jersey, upgrading and improving their home is a non-stop project. The home improvement industry has and will continue to thrive; there are a number of stores and even TV shows dedicated to checking out and decking out people’s households. Does the 90s sitcom Home Improvement ring a bell?

You Work Hard. Enjoy Your Time at Home!

At Spa Hearth & Home, we’re also dedicated to making your house and the immediate areas that surround it a place that you won’t want to leave. From Bullfrog hot tubs and swim spas to infinity pools, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, saunas, fireplaces, and more, we’re here to make your house feel like a true home!

As Bullfrog hot tub dealers in New Jersey, lately we’ve been highlighting some of the benefits of owning a home spa from this trusted brand. Below, we offer some reasons to add a Bullfrog hot tub to your backyard to make it the ultimate hang out spot.

You’ll Have a Reliable Place to Recover After Exercising

Are you a post-work gym junkie? Maybe you commute by riding your bike back and forth from work, or you just run until your endorphins have nothing left in the feel-good tank. For those who work their muscles to exhaustion, slipping into a Bullfrog home spa at the end of the day and letting the propulsion jets do the rest is a feeling that’s practically second to none.

You’ll Have the Ultimate Party Piece

We’re not saying that you should get a hot tub just to validate your friendships and relationships. It’s your hot tub, so by all means, use it as selfishly as you’d like. However, we’d also assert that there’s nothing wrong with sharing the home spa experience with your friends, family, or even just your significant other.

Our Bullfrog hot tub dealers carry home spas up to an eight-person capacity, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to take a dip and soak up the magic that is jet propulsion technology. Just make sure that your crazy neighbors don’t hop your fence and invite themselves in when it’s the middle of the night and you’re not around.

You’ll Add Beauty to Your Backyard

It’s rare that people look at a high-quality home spa and go “Wow, that looks really bad.” A hot tub not only makes your backyard a place where you’re now more likely to spend time, but it can beautify the existing space, especially in tandem with other backyard additions like a veranda, barbecue grill, brand new deck, or patio furniture.

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Our Maple Shade Bullfrog hot tub dealers can work with you to create the backyard living space of your dreams. Life’s too short to have a sub-par yard! Get in touch with us today to make it happen.

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