With the long days, searing heat, and smell of sunscreen in the air, it’s fair to say that summer is in full swing. Here at Spa Hearth & Home, we’re not partial to any of the four vibrant seasons that we experience in beautiful New Jersey. Every season has its distinct perks (and unfortunate drawbacks), but we’re confident that with the right clothing and gear, you can make the best out of each day no matter the time of the year. 

As the premier outdoor patio furniture retailer in South Jersey, our goal is to help make your outdoor living space as optimized and enjoyable as possible. From sprawling, shade-centric umbrellas to functional, weather-resistant outdoor wicker furniture, we think that an empty patio is wasted potential. The outdoors have a lot to offer, even if it’s just steps away from your door! 

Below, we’d like to present six great reasons as to why you should invest in outdoor furniture as a South Jersey homeowner. Whether you’re just down the street from our outdoor furniture store or you’re in a nearby community, we’re confident that you’ll find our selection, prices, and customer service to be the best in the market. 

Should you have any questions about our outdoor furniture for sale, Bullfrog home spas, fireplaces, or other products, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at any point! Let’s get started. 

6 Reasons To Add Outdoor Furniture To Your Home

#1: You’ll Create A Great Hosting Space

There are two types of homeowners in this world: those who love to host, and liars. We joke, but when it comes to human nature, the truth is that most people enjoy the gratification that accompanies hosting other people. Whether you’re grilling juicy burgers, mixing up tasty cocktails, or simply offering your couch to a friend who’s too tired to drive home, being hospitable just feels nice. What better way to host than with a set of beautiful, functional outdoor furniture? 

#2: You’ll Actually Enjoy Spending Time Outside

All too often, homeowners underutilize their backyard. It’s a true shame, but the addition of outdoor furniture will encourage you to spend time outside more often. Even if it’s just reading a chapter of your book while catching some of the sun’s rays, you’re getting more usage of your property by spending time outside (but not very far away from) your home. 

#3: It’s Easy

Unlike interior design or contracting, creating the perfect outdoor space isn’t very difficult. All you’ll really need are measurements of your patio or deck, your style, and your budget. Our friendly sales representatives will take it from there! 

#4: You’ll Cool Down Your Backyard Patio Area

All homeowners know that trees, plants, and other shade-providing things offer a nice, cooling effect on their home. When the sun is beating down during the heat of summer, you can always open your umbrella and prevent the rays from entering your home through your back windows. The energy savings might be relatively minimal, but what’s more important is being able to spend time in your backyard comfortably!

#5: You Can Cook Outside

One of the aspects of hosting that people love the most is being able to cook for someone. Though it’s hard to beat the convenience and functionality of your indoor kitchen, a simple barbecue grill next to a table serves as a nice secondary kitchen. Bonus points if you have a smoker or an extra countertop!

#6: You’ll Enjoy A Space To Breathe Fresh, Clean Air

Given how much time people spend inside of their homes, there’s something to be said about the value of a fresh breath of air. Going outside for a quick breather can be very useful if you’re working from home and need a quick break, working out at your home gym and need a few puffs of “good” air, or even if you’re meditating and simply want to take in the sounds of nature (or the sounds of your neighbor mowing their lawn). 

In any case, your outdoor space will be more welcome — and useful — with outdoor patio furniture. 

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