When it comes to designing and enjoying the outdoor space of your dreams, there are lots of brands and styles of outdoor patio furniture to choose from. Bargain brand sites and big-box providers undoubtedly can offer the best prices, but at Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center in Maple Shade, we strongly believe that when it comes to creating your perfect outdoor space, there’s very little room for compromise.


In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the high-quality brands carried in our Maple Shade showroom and help you learn more about what kind of outdoor patio furniture might be best for your needs and tastes.

Alfresco Home

Outdoor patio furniture from Alfresco Home provides casual, tasteful, and durable options for patio and garden settings. The wrought-iron, mosaiced tiled, and comfortably cushioned pieces offer classic styling with lots of options for neutral as well as bright and vibrant accents and cushions that should suit most aesthetic preferences.


Check out our entire selection of woven, wicker, and all-around elegant Alfresco Home patio furniture here.

Chicago Wicker

If you’re set on wicker outdoor patio furniture for your space, then Chicago Wicker deserves your attention. These beautiful, wicker-framed seats, sectionals, tables, and outdoor fireplaces offer all of the craftsmanship and detail of handmade wicker furniture with the durability and longevity that make them a  great investment for your outdoor space. 


For those who aren’t entirely enamored with wicker sets, make sure not to shrug off Chicago Wicker too fast. With teak pieces, modern outdoor offerings and wood-framed, woven cloth-backed seating that will satisfy classicists and modernists alike.


Check out our full lineup of Chicago Wicker products here.

Gensun Casual Living

Gensun Casual Living is one of our favorites in the showroom. With outdoor patio furniture that sports high levels of detail, distinct accents, and stunningly contemporary couch and lounge sets for your outdoor space, the Gensun Casual Living collections tend to draw a lot of attention.


If you are looking for outdoor patio furniture that is sure to draw complimentary comments from friends and family alike, then Gensun Casual Living is sure to provide you with plenty of attractive options for your patio or garden area.


Take a look at our Gensun Casual Living collections here.


When you think of attractive, luxurious, and classically styled outdoor patio furniture, you’re thinking of products from Hanamint. Featuring earth-tone cushions and accents comfortably placed upon sturdy, but artfully designed frames, Hanamint furniture fits well in just about any patio setting.


See our entire offering of Hanamit pieces here.


Ratana outdoor patio furniture blends classic design with the corners, curves, and sturdy grace of modern architecture. Ratana pieces are known for their craftsmanship and durability and are a favorite with families who are seeking lounge-style comfort that will last for years. 


Discover if any of our Ratana collections or pieces are right for your space here. 

Telescope Casual

Telescope Casual is a company that has been creating and selling incredible outdoor furniture for over 100 years — a boast that few other popular manufacturers can match. Telescope outdoor patio furniture offers distinctly unique, yet subtle details that set it apart from other lines. 


With aluminum, wood, wickers, resin, wrought-iron, and other material types used throughout their collections, Telescope Casual furniture has something for everyone.


Find the right pieces for your space here.

Treasure Garden

Treasure Garden umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas are the perfect addition to just about any patio furniture set. With vibrant and unique color and style options not to be found with other manufacturers, these umbrellas provide much more than shade to your outdoor environment. 


Check out all of the gorgeous designs carried here at Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center.

Castelle Luxury

When it comes to sleek, modern outdoor patio furniture that creates a sense of luxury and primacy, Castelle Luxury patio furniture owns the crown. With simple, elegant, and comfortable collections for both lounging and dining, Castelle Luxury patio furniture continues to grow as a force in the outdoor patio furniture marketplace.


See our Lancaster and Trento lines here.

Find Your Perfect Patio Set At Spa Hearth & Home Today

With such an incredible inventory of high-quality outdoor patio furniture available at our Maple Shade showroom, Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center has the perfect patio set for just about anyone. If you’re still looking to learn more about your options, stop by our showroom today.