More than ever, Americans across the country are embracing the incredible benefits of living a more healthy and active life. From a longer life expectancy to simply feeling better day to day, people everywhere are looking for creative and effective ways to burn calories, build muscle, and keep their metabolism high.


One way that they are doing so is with at-home swim spas from top manufacturers. In today’s blog from Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center in Maple Shade, we will cover five of the primary reasons that people just like you are choosing to invest in a swim spa for their home.


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Health Benefits

Swim spas offer all of the benefits of having your own swimming pool without almost any of the drawbacks such as extensive cleaning costs, pricey regular maintenance, and of course, the ongoing cost of keeping them full.


A swim spa offers the low-impact, high resistance setting for all kinds of different aerobic and anaerobic activities, so whether you are looking to increase your stamina with prolonged, steadily paced swim sessions or you want to build strength with any of the various swim spa workout accessories, you are good to go.


It’s like having a pool and an at-home gym, all-in-one.


A swim spa offers you unparalleled convenience when it comes to getting in a great workout without having to leave the house. While other methods of maintaining your ideal physical form and overall health require memberships to gyms that may or may not be convenient, and many in-home systems take up a room within your household space, a swim spa is typically kept outdoors.


This means that you can save time, space, and even money over the long run when you decide to purchase a swim spa from Spa Hearth & Home Pool Center in Maple Shade.


One of the things that bothers people the most about working out in a shared space is the sweat, dirt, and grime left by heavy usage of exercise equipment. While sweating is a natural part of a healthy workout routine, chances are good that you’re not interested in leaning up against a sticky vinyl back pad in order to get your butterfly curls in before you have to rush to the shower and to work.


And the communal showers — let’s just leave that as an entirely different topic for an entirely different day, shall we? 


With a swim spa in your own backyard, you can enjoy a vigorous and effective workout without the smells, sensations, and undesirable social aspects of a gym. Even when compared to an in-ground or above-ground pool, a swim spa takes a lot less cleaning due to a smaller volume of water and an easy-to-use cover that helps to keep out most debris.

Relaxation and Recovery

For many people, the single biggest benefit of a swim spa is the ability to work out and relax, all in a single hot tub unit. Lots of people don’t know that while swim spas offer technologically promoted, sound exercise options, many also double as jetted hot tubs.


So when you’re done with your routine and you’re ready to wind down, relax, and begin your recovery, you don’t even need to get out of the spa. Simply change your settings and settle into one of the jetted seats to begin a therapeutic end to your routine.


Getting in shape has never felt so good.


Furthermore, a swim spa can meet the needs of you and your family in regards to providing healthy, low-impact exercise, while also providing the luxury and comfort of a backyard spa to those who might not be as interested in shedding a few pounds. It’s what we like to call a crowd-pleaser.

Low Maintenance

Finally, as mentioned before, most swim spas require very little maintenance on the part of the owner, and with maintenance and repair plans provided from our local swim spa maintenance team right here in Maple Shade, chances are good you’ll need to do very little to keep your swim spa running in optimal condition.

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