Investing in a relaxation tool that you’re going to be spending time and money enjoying — and maintaining — means that you’ll want to choose your Bullfrog hot tub or home spa with care. You wouldn’t buy a new car without doing any research, or really any major purchase with a great deal of practical value. While purchasing a brand new home spa system may get pricey, it does serve as an investment that could add value to your home should you decide to permanently install it.

Your Maple Shade Bullfrog Hot Tub Dealer Chimes In

To help you find the perfect home spa that matches up with your needs, personality, and overall pace of life (yes, these can be legitimate considerations when it comes to finding the right hot tub for you), Spa Hearth and Home offers this handy guide to choosing the right hot tub for your enjoyment.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or visit our alternative guide to finding the ideal hot tub for your needs. Let’s get started.

Priorities — The Experience That You’re Looking For

What are you really seeking in your home spa experience? For some, a hot tub is a place for rest, relaxation, and athletic recovery. For others, they purchase a home spa almost purely for the purpose of entertaining guests. According to this guide from Bullfrog themselves, here are the most common reasons that people purchase a hot tub:

  • Leisure and relaxation
  • Massage
  • Family fun and bonding
  • Hydrotherapy and muscular recovery
  • Entertaining guests

By knowing what you’re really going to use your hot tub for, you’ll have no problem working with us to land you the hot tub of your dreams. Plus, it won’t collect leaves sitting in your backyard because you’re not using it.

How Much Space Can You Accommodate?

You can have the biggest hot tub budget in the world, but it’s meaningless if you don’t have the space to accommodate your Bullfrog hot tub. How many people your Bullfrog hot tub is designed to fit will determine the dimension that you’re working with:

  • Three-person tub: 5’-8” x 7’
  • Six-person tub (now it’s a party!): 7’-4” x 7-4”
  • Seven-person tub: 7’-10” x 7’-10”
  • Eight-person tub: 7’-10” x 7’-10”

From a value standpoint, you’ll notice that an eight-person tub features the same dimensions as a seven-person tub, so it’s probably worth getting our biggest tub if you have the space for these dimensions. Otherwise, the step up from a three-person tub to a six-person tub is, needless to say, very significant.

Naturally Relax with a hot tub

What’s Your Budget?

As we mentioned above, buying a brand new home spa is no cheap matter, nor should anyone expect it to be. While Bullfrog hot tubs offer outstanding value, you’ll want to gauge their entry level, mid-range, and high-end pricing based on the extent to which you’ll be using your hot tub. Bullfrog’s standard pricing is as follows:

  • Entry-level: $3,000-$4,999 (typically the best value)
  • Mid-range: $5,000-$8,999 (for avid hot tub users)
  • High end: $9,000-$18,000 (for those who want everything Bullfrog has to offer)

While a home spa can serve as an investment by adding home value, don’t necessarily bank on it. You may take your hot tub with you if you move, or decide that you want to sell it (how could you?) if your life’s priorities change.

Aesthetics: Color Customization and Finishes

If you’re in search of the dream backyard and you just need everything to color match, Bullfrog offers some excellent colors to choose from:

  • Tanzanite
  • Pearl
  • Snow
  • Mirage
  • Sandstone
  • Midnight
  • Platinum
  • Cinnabar

Jetpacks: Choose Carefully!

Bullfrog offers so many custom jetpack options (16) that you may be overwhelmed by this decision. By working with an expert from Spa Hearth and Home, we can help you determine what your best jetpack options are relative to what you’re looking for out of your hot tub experience.  

Leverage Spa Hearth and Home as a Resource

As we mentioned, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our qualified Bullfrog home spa dealers in Maple Shade to lock down on the home spa of your dreams. With a purchase this significant, you’ll want to make absolutely sure that you’re 100 percent thrilled (or rather, relaxed) by it.

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